European 52nd Battalion

Recruitment Status

Fixed WingStatus
JF-17 Thunder Not Recruiting
F-16C ViperNot Recruiting
F-14B TomcatNot Recruiting
F/A-18C Hornet Recruiting (A2G only)
F-15C Eagle Not Recruiting
Su-27/J-11 FlankerNot Recruiting
Mirage-2000-CNot Recruiting
A-10C Warthog Not Recruiting
AV-8B HarrierRecruiting
Su-25TNot Recruiting
AJS-37 ViggenRecruiting
Ka-50 Black SharkNot Recruiting
Mi-8 HipNot Recruiting
UH-1 HueyNot Recruiting
SA342 GazelleNot Recruiting

See the Squadrons page for detailed recruitment status/requirements and more!


Event TypeEvent Time
Joint Platoon Mandatory MissionsSundays @ 1745 UTC
Fighter Platoon Training’sSquadron Specific
The Grim ReapersThursdays @ 1800 UTC
DaggersWednesdays @ 1800 UTC
AggressorsTuesdays @ 1700 UTC
Striker Platoon Training’s Squadron Specific
DambustersWednesday @ 1900 UTC
Gustav RodWednesdays @ 1830 UTC
Rotary Platoon Training’s Squadron Specific
Vortex VikingsWednesday @ 1800 UTC
C3 (Human GCI/AWACS)First Monday each month @ 18:00 UTC

About us

The 52nd TFW is the european battalion of the DCS division of TAW, consisting of over 50 active virtual pilots.
If you are looking for a competitive and well organized group that flies big coordinated mission with different aircrafts to achieve a common goal together – then you have found it!

You will be flying on the wings of many experienced pilots, coordinated by dedicated human players in the roles of AWACS’s and ATC’s, following realistic communication protocols.
We have several Servers ready to be used for our weekly missions as well as for trainings. Our weekly Mandatory missions are supplied with briefings that are constantly being updated. They allow the Squadron Leaders to plan and develop strategies and tactics, and you will be briefed with your tasks 15 minutes before the event starts.

Our missions are set in a competitive PvP environment where everyone has to be on top of their skills to be able to accomplish their mission goals, and most importantly, being able to stay alive and make it back home. This is not walk in the park! Without proper teamwork you are going to die… In terms of competitive combat flying – this is as hardcore as it can get.

Each squad trains very hard to reach and maintain their level of proficience. This is shown by the constant great performance of our SATAL teams, but it is also true for everyone else, regardless if you are a fighter, striker or helicopter pilot!
The 52nd TFW offers a large group of virtual pilots that are grouped into squads, divided by their main aircraft type, with dedicated Squadron Leaders and Training Instructors. Apart from the weekly Mandatory Mission, each squad holds their own training once per week, where our members share their experience, learn new things, and perfect their existing abilities.

These are the requirements to join the 52nd TFW

– DCS World installed, currently we are flying on open beta.
– Persian Gulf map.
– You need to own your aircraft of choice.
– You need to be able to start up and fly your aircraft, and to operate its most basic systems.
– You need to be fluent in English. This means you need to be capable of understanding and responding. This does NOT mean you have to be a perfect or native level speaker.
– You need to be able to join a minimum of two Mandatory events per month, as well as weekly squad trainings. Exceptions for periods of e.g. vacations are possible though. We are holding the mandatories on Sundays at 18:45 Zulu time. The training times and days differ between the squadrons.
– If you want to join one of the squads in the Fighters Platoon, you should be able to kill enemy F15/J11 AIs at the Excellent difficulty with at least 50% success chance, and survive.

If this sounds good to you, just fill out your application and our Drill Instructors will get in contact with you!