European 52nd Battalion


F-14 Recruiting
F-15 Recruiting
F-16 Recruiting
F/A-18 Recruiting
JF-17 Recruiting
Su-27/J-11 Recruiting
MiG-29 Recruiting
Mirage-2000 Recruiting
AJS-37 Recruiting


Mandatory Missions Sundays @ 1845UTC
Gustav Rod (Viggens) trainingWednesdays @ 1930 UTC

About us

The 52nd TFW is one of the european battalions of the DCS Division of TAW, currently focusing on PvP training.
If you are looking for a group to be part of and hone in on your skills as a Fighter Pilot then this is the group for you.

Furthermore, we have several Servers ready to be used for our weekly missions. On our weekly Sunday training we try to find a topic that everyone feels that they are lacking on and tackle it head on. Followed by a live tacview debrief.

These are the requirements to join the 52nd TFW

– DCS World Open Beta
– You need to own your aircraft of choice.
– You need to be able to start up and fly your aircraft, and know how to operate its systems.

– You need to have some level of proficency in BVR combat
– You need to be fluent in English. This means you need to be capable of understanding and responding. This does NOT mean you have to be a perfect or native level speaker.
– You need to be able to join a minimum of two Mandatory events per month, as well as fly during the week. Exceptions for periods of e.g. vacations are possible though. We are holding  our main event on Sundays at 18:45 Zulu time.

If this sounds good to you, just fill out your application and our Drill Instructors will get in contact with you!