Striker Platoon

The Fearless Pilots:

  • SeraphimGray (SL)
  • Gorbear (WM)
  • LewsTherin (FL)
  • SmokeyGer (TI)
  • TigerPaw (WM)
  • Bamse (WM)

107th VFS Red Devils was inspired by inspired by 107th FS Red Devils based in Selfridge, MI, USA, whose insignia and motto “Mors Hostibus” (Death to our Enemies) we proudly bear in virtual combat.

VFS Red Devils were established on Jan 20, 2016. as part of 131st Death Vipers Striker Platoon, by then acting Flight Leader (FL) SeraphimGray.

Initially it was only SU-25T dedicated squadron, but with leads conversion to A-10C and joining of SkyCap as a wingman, the Red Devils started organizing events and training that are basis of 131st Death Vipers – Striker Platoon operations today.

Dedicated to realism and full immersion into the world of combat simulation flying, the two have initiated and completed various training programs, made missions that will test the limits of even most seasoned pilots.

Few of efforts worth mentioning are:

I) Striker Training Mission by SkyCap

  • which allows for easy spawning of big variety of targets and groups,
  • one of most spawning options being precision strike targets, with different spacing from friendly troops

II) Proficiency (Currency) Training Program by SeraphimGray

  • which provides benchmark for measuring progress and achieving excellence for pilots that want to push their skills to the edge

III) War Campaign – PvE campaign developed by SeraphimGray and VentusClu

  • with idea to achieve higher integration of squadrons (rotary, fighter and striker) under one main goal – conquest of whole Kaukasus area.
  • sorties are flown and results of last one will affect the situation and assets available in next one,
  • planning, cooperation and precise execution of objectives if of utmost importance for success.

While dedicated to realism, having fun and promoting camaraderie is always primary goal.


Red Devils are currently led by Platoon Leader SeraphimGray and are supporting following air-frames:

  • A-10C Thunderbolt II (always primary)
  • SU-25T Frogfoot (reserve, not trained by SQN, pilots are encouraged to lear in DIY)

Red Devils plan to support following air-frames in future, in order to make it’s pilots multi platform capable:

  • F/A-18C
  • AV-8B

Join The Art of Warfare now and become the Red Devil.

All training sessions and events are organized bi-weekly rotation according to the schedule below:

Week 1: 

  1. Monday @ 20.30 UTC
    • Debriefing for last War Campaign sortie
  2. Friday @ 20.30 UTC
    • Planning and briefing session for next War Campaign sortie
  3. Sunday @ 18.45 UTC
    •  EU Battalion Mandatory

Week 2:

  1. Monday @ 20.30 UTC
    • Platoon Integration Training, or
    • Squadron Specific Training, or
    • free day
  2. Friday @ 20.30 UTC
    • Kaukasus Offensive, Blue Flag, or other community events
  3.  Sunday @ 18.45 UTC
    • War Campaign sortie