Op. Knockout

Made by redcoreSix Overview After extensive fighting for several weeks for control over the Persian Gulf both sides have been left with severe losses. BLUE is preparing retaliatory strikes after attacks on its air bases forced BLUE to mainly operate from small island bases. Recent satellite reconnaissance shows RED is still busy repairing and reinforcing […]

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Hello everyone,

For our Sunday Mandatory Event of 26 AUGUST 2018, so not this coming Sunday but the week after, we will do a very special event for ALL our DCS members in TAW, so NORTH AMERICAN and EUROPEAN Divisions together.

We did a similar event about a year ago with great success and it was an amazing and fun experience.
But, this year we go even BIGGER, BOLDER and BETTER!!!

So what is that we are going to do, you ask?! READ MORE […]

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briefing Red Flag (Northern edition )

Lore: Blue forces are expanding their territory and are about to occupy a previously-owned Red territory. Unfortunately not all Red forces could evacuate in time. Blue are tasked to eliminate remaining opposition, but without major casualties, or the whole attack would not be worth it. A small squad of Red fighters are tasked to defend […]

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