Welcome to the Art of Warfare: Digital Combat Simulator Division

The DCS division of TAW is a family of 100+ active members, predominantly based out of Europe and North America. Our virtual battleground takes place in Eagle Dynamics’ DCS World, where the teams engage in PvP or PvE campaigns on a weekly basis. A highly-competent staff of officers ensures our missions are kept fresh, the dedicated multiplayer servers are running at peak efficiency, and in general the division is running as a well-oiled machine.

We are organized into three battalions to suite the playing style and geographic locations of our pilots: The 33rd TFW North American Battalion, the 52nd TFW European Battalion, and the JOINT TASK FORCE JTF-88 Hardcore Battalion. In general, due to time zone limitations, the teams fly independent of each other, however in the past the groups have gathered together for division-wide events. In addition, all of TAW DCS division gather in one Slack work-space, where information, ideas, and off-topic shenanigans are freely shared with our friends on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you are interested in potentially enlisting, we encourage you to check out the battalion-specific sections of our site, come fly with us on the public TAW DCS servers, and consider submitting your application to join us at TAW.net. See you in the virtual skies!

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