Commonly used Brevity

ANCHOR/ANCHORED: Orbit about a specific point; refueling track flown by tanker. Informative call to indicate a turning engagement about a specific location.
BEAM/BEAMING: Target stabilized within 70 to 110 degree aspect; generally (direction) given with cardinal directions: east, west, north, or south.
BANDIT: An aircraft identified as enemy, in accordance with theater ID criteria. The term does not necessarily imply direction or authority to engage.
BANZAI: Informative call or directive flow communication when deciding to go to the merge from a beyond visual range (BVR) position.
BLANK: A SEAD aircraft does not detect any emitters of interest.
BLIND: No visual contact with friendly aircraft/ground position. Opposite of VISUAL.
BOGEY: A radar or visual air contact whose identity is unknown eg. ECM Contact
BOGEY DOPE: Request for target information as briefed/available.
BOX: Groups/contacts/formations in a square or offset square.
BRAA: Bearing, Range, Altitude, Aspect, The format ALL Bandit and Bogey calls MUST be given in.
BREAK: Directive to perform an immediate maximum performance turn in the direction indicated. Assumes a defensive situation.
BROKE LOCK: Loss of radar/IR lockon (advisory).
BUDDY SPIKE: Friendly aircraft airtoair indication on RWR. To be followed by
BUGOUT: Separation from that particular engagement/attack/operation.(Direction) No intent to re engage/recommit.
BULLSEYE: An established point from which the position of an object referenced. Made by cardinal/range or digital format.
BUSTER: Directive call to fly at max continuous speed (military power). position/heading/altitude.
CHEAPSHOT: Not guiding an Active missile until its fully supported Pitbull time.
CHECK: Turn left or right and maintain new heading.(LEFT/RIGHT)
CHERUBS: Angels expressed in hundreds of feet, i.e. cherubs 3 would be 300 feet.
CLEAN: Reply to RAYGUN call if you are not being locked.
COLD: Aircraft is flying away from you / other aircraft.
COMMIT/COMMITTED: Fighter intent to engage/intercept; controller/aircrews continues to provide information.
CONNING: Enemy AC leaving contrails.
CRANK: FPole maneuver; implies illuminating target at radar gimbal (Direction) limits.
CRUISE: Informative or directive call to return to cruise speed (after BUSTER or GATE).
DANGER ZONE: Above Angels 40.
DECLARE: Inquiry as to the identification of a specified track(s), target(s), or correlated group
DEFENSIVE: Aircraft is under attack, maneuvering defensively, and unable to ensure deconfliction or mutual support.
DRAG(ING): Target stabilized at 060 degrees aspect.(Direction) or 120180 degrees angle from nose.
ENGAGE: A fire control order used to direct or authorize units and/or weapons systems to rire on a designated target.
ENGAGED: Informative interflight call from a fighter maneuvering in the visual arena (NOTE: definition is, “Descriptive call indicating maneuvering with intent to kill”)
EXTEND: Short term maneuver to gain energy, distance, or separation;(Direction) Normally with the intent of reengaging.
FADED: Radar contact is lost. (Termination of track plotting is not warranted.)
FENCE IN: Set cockpit switches as appropriate before entering/exiting the combat area. (training will confirm what this is)
FLOAT: Directive/informative call to expand the formation laterally within visual limits to maintain radar contact for a defensive posture.
FLOW (direction): Directive call to fly stated heading.
FOX (Number): ONE (SARH) semiactive radar homing. AIM7/R27R/T/ER/EM. TWO (IR) infrared guided missile. THREE (ARH) active radar guided missile. AIM120/R77. FOUR infrared guided medium range missile R27ET.
FREE: Fighter is available to support and not currently engaged.
GATE: Directive/informative to fly as quickly as possible, USING afterburner/max power.
GORILLA: Large force of indeterminate numbers and formation.
GOT EYES: Do you have visual? Usually a call from Lead ‘Have you got eyes on me?’.
HOLDING HANDS: Aircraft in visual formation.
HOOK (direction): Directive call to perform an inplace 180degree turn.
HOUNDOG: Call made by free fighter indicating that he is in a position to employ weapons.
HOT: Target is flying towards you / other aircraft.
HOME PLATE: Home airfield or carrier.
JINK: Directive call to perform an unpredictable maneuver to negate a tracking solution.
JOKER: Fuel state above BINGO at which separation/bugout/event termination should begin.
JUDY: Aircrew has radar/visual contact on the correct target, and has taken control of the intercept, and only requires situational awareness information.
KNIFE FIGHT: Gunzo fight.
LADDER: Picture label with three or more groups on the same azimuth but separated by range. Group names should be LEAD GROUP, MIDDLE GROUP, TRAIL GROUP
MAD DOG: The launch of an Active missile without locking the target with radar/visual launch.
MAGNUM: Launch of an antiradar missile.
MARKING: Friendly aircraft leaving contrails.
MERGED: Friendly aircraft merging with a bandit at close range.
MILITARY POWER: The maximum possible thrust from the engines WITHOUT afterburner.
MILLER TIME: Informative call indicating completion of airtogroundordnance delivery.
MUD SPIKE: Lock by a SAM Radar
MUSIC (ON/OFF): Electronic radar jamming. (On AI radar, electronic deceptive jamming.)
NAILS: Contacts on TEWS who are painting you.
NAKED: No TEWS contacts.
NEW PICTURE: Used by controller or aircrew when tactical picture has changed. Supersedes all previous calls and reestablishes picture for all players.
NO FACTOR: Not a threat.
NO JOY: Aircrew does not have visual contact with the target/bandit/Landmark. Opposite of TALLY.
NOTCH(ING) (direction): Directive/informative call that an aircraft is in a defensive position
OFF (direction): Informative call indicating attack is terminated and maneuvering to the indicated direction.
ON STATION: Informative call unit/aircraft has reached assigned station.
PADLOCKED: Informative call indicating aircrew cannot take eyes off an aircraft, ground target, or surface position without risk of losing TALLY/VISUAL.
PANCAKE: Land or I wish to land (e.g. PANCAKE AMMO, PANCAKE FUEL).
PAINTING: To illuminate or be illuminated by radar.
PICTURE: Tactical situation status pertinent to mission (update).
PIGEONS: Magnetic bearing and range to home plate (or specified destination). (Location)
PICKLE: Drop all ordnance or a drop tank.
PITBULL: Informative AIM120 is at MPRF active range.
PKB: Probability of Kill Band. (between Angels 22 and 26) and maneuvering with reference to an airtoair threat.
PLAYTIME: Amount of time aircraft can remain on station.
PORT: Left side.
POSIT: Request for friendly position; response in terms of a geographic landmark or from a common reference point.
PRESS/PRESSING: Directive to continue the attack.
PUMP: A briefed maneuver to minimize closure on the threat or geographical boundary with the intent to reengage. Used to initiate a Grinder tactic.
PUSH/PUSHING: Aircraft heading towards another aircraft / location / heading.
RAYGUN: Indicates a radar lockon to unknown aircraft. A request for a (Position/Heading/ “BUDDY SPIKE” reply from friendly aircraft meeting these Altitude) parameters(to prevent fratricide).
RENO: Indicates that more than one radar contact is observed and the pilot is able to distinguish his assigned target(s).
REPEAT: Instruction to fire again.
RESET: Proceed to a prebriefed position or area of operation.
RIFLE: Launch of Air to Surface guided missile.
ROGER: Yes / I understand.
SADDLED: Informative call from wingman/element indicating the return to briefed formation position.
SAUNTER: Fly at best endurance.
SAY: Request for information eg. ‘Phoenix 11, Phoenix 12 SAY Picture’
SAY AGAIN: Repeat your last transmission [Repeat is NEVER used for this purpose because the term means to fire again]
SCRATCH: Enemy ship kill.
SHOOTER: Aircraft/unit designated to employ ordnance.
SKATE: Informative call to initiate ‘Launch and Leave’ tactics.
SKOSH: Aircraft is out of or unable to employ active radar missiles.
SLICE/ SLICEBACK: Directive calls to perform a highG descending turn in the stated direction, usually 180 degree turn.
SMASH: Directive to turn on/off NAV lights.
SNAP (direction): An immediate vector to the heading / direction described.
SNUGGLE UP: Close the formation distance.
SPIKE: RWR indication of an AI threat in track or launch.
SPLASH: Enemy AC kill.
STANDBY: Wait, also expressed as “wait one”
STARBOARD: Right side.
STORES: Release of Air to Ground guided bomb/s.
SITREP: Similar to ‘PICTURE’ request for update on current situation.
STINGER: Bogey/bandit in trail of a formation.
SWEET: Up and running normal.
SPLASH: (A/A) Target destroyed.
SHACK: (A/G) Weapons impact.
STATUS: Request for tactical situation.
STROBE: Radar indications of noise jamming.
TALLY: Sighting of a target, bandit, bogey, or enemy position; opposite of NO JOY.
TARGETED: Group/pilot responsibility has been met.
TIGER: Enough fuel and ordnance to accept a commit.
TRACKING: 1. Stabilized gun solution. 2. Continuous illumination. 3. Contact heading.
TRASHED: Informative call that missile has been defeated.
TUMBLEWEED: Indicates limited situational awareness; NO JOY; BLIND; a request for information.
UNABLE: Cannot comply as requested/directed.
VISUAL: Sighting of a friendly aircraft/ground position; opposite of BLIND.
WEEDS: Indicates that aircraft are operating close to the surface.
WHAT STATE: Report amount of fuel and missiles remaining in the order below. Active = number of active radar missiles remaining. Radar = number of semiactive radar missiles remaining. Heat = number of IR missiles remaining. Fuel = pounds of fuel or time remaining. eg. 4, 2, 2 and 10k = 4 Slammers, 2 Sparrows, 2 Sidewinders and 10,000lbs of fuel. 6, 2, 0 and 10k = 6 Slammers, 2 Sparrows, 0 Sidewinders and 10,000lbs of fuel.
WILCO: Will comply.
WINCHESTER: No ordnance remaining.