SATAL 2018: TAW vs 104th

Today the first match of SATAL 2018 started, it’s the Squadron Air To Air League.

It was TAW’s finest against the 104th and boy oh boy, WHAT A MATCH!!!
We had many viewers from TAW and worldwide, watching the ‘game’ as if we were watching some major real life sports event.
It was a great experience for both the match players and the viewers.

The results are as follows:
MATCH 1: TAW won
MATCH 2: 104th won
MATCH 3: TAW won
Which results in an AMAZING victory by TAW!!! Whoohaaaaa!

Congratulations to RedcoreSix, Alephro, Sineg, Petkov, Zhen, Squirrels for achieving this victory, by training hard for this event.

Many thanks to 104th pilots for this awesome match, great flying and we look forward to meet you guys in the virtual skies again!

Special thanks to 51st crew for organizing this great new idea, of a continues league for A2A in DCS!