EU Formation Flight 20 August 2017

We had a very cool and fun massive formation flight with a whole bunch of EU members and also a few NA members!

This is a video of one of our Weekly Sunday Events, this time we did a large formation flight (due to holiday season we had way less pilots online than usual). We took off from Anapa and flew to Sochi, at Sochi a few of our Helicopter pilots did a great little Heli Air Show! After that, without any warning, our airbase at Sochi was suddenly under attack by enemy forces….

We will be doing this again in approximately 1 month from now, combined EU/NA. Hopefully all EU and NA members will be back home form holiday, so will have around 90 planes flying around….
I really hope the server will hold up and not crash 😉

TAU made a great compilation video of the event, enjoy!