Rebels have taken control of the Town of Alamo and Hiko. They have also set up Outpost in Derbash and Stazov deserted towns. They are trying to replenish their fuel and weapons supply and awaiting several convoys to supply their depot.  NA 33rd TFW and EU 52nd TFW will prevent these convoys from reaching their destinations and we will take out all oil refineries and weapons depot supplying them.  Satellite images have shown that SAM threats are positioned at every rebel stronghold.


Operation “DESERT BLADE” Briefing


Take out all enemy convoys en-route to the town of Hiko.

STRIKERS (A-10C/M-2000C/Viggen/F-5): Take off and fly to the orbit zone. Wait till all the SAMs at the oil refineries are destroyed by the SEAD flights and only then, engage the bridge, refineries and weapons depot. You are cleared weapons HOT on enemy targets.

SEAD (SU-25T): Fly your way-points and destroy SAMs South, East and North of Hiko. After SAMs are destroyed, provide CAS at all objectives.

FIGHTERS (F-15C): A  4 ship will escort the SEAD group and provide CAP.  All other’s will fly to orbit zone. Wait! and provide BARCap after SAMs are destroyed by the SEAD flights.


CHOPPERS (UH-1H/MI-8/KA-50) CTLD and CSAR Menu enabled.

1. Fly to the Town of Hiko and provide CAS and CSAR for downed pilots. When Hiko is captured, build up Air defense measures.

2. Fly to the Town of Alamo and capture FARP Alamo, build up Air defense measures.


ALPHA: Town of Alamo – (LAT-LONG/MGRS) 37°22’13.0000″, 115°09’41.0000″/ 50SLG3719637535

  1.  Bridge
  2.  Oil Refineries
  3. Weapon Depot

BRAVO: Town of Hiko – (LAT-LONG/MGRS) 37°35’11.0000″, 115°13’17.0000″/ 50SLG4296361412

  1.  No Satellite Images

CHARLIE: Town of Stazov – (LAT-LONG/MGRS) 37°37’07.0000″, 115°00’14.0000″/ 50SLG2383365374

  1.  Oil Refineries
  2. Weapon Depot

DELTA: Town of Derbash – (LAT-LONG/MGRS) 37°50’59.0000″, 115°01’06.0000″/ 50SLG2565190992

  1.  Oil Refineries
  2. Weapon Depot




FIGHTERS (SU-27): Protect all rebel strongholds and convoys.