briefing Red Flag (Northern edition )

Blue forces are expanding their territory and are about to occupy a previously-owned Red territory. Unfortunately not all Red forces could evacuate in time. Blue are tasked to eliminate remaining opposition, but without major casualties, or the whole attack would not be worth it. A small squad of Red fighters are tasked to defend the remaining Red forces for as long as possible.

BLUE side goal: destroy as many ground targets as possible
BLUE fighters goal: ensure that strikers are able to attack the AOs and make back alive
BLUE strikers goal: coordinate with GCI and fighters and attack ground targets at AO and survive
RED side goal: defend ground targets and slow down blue side progress by as much as possible

Mission failure or winning is asserted at the end of the game sessions.
-Conditions necessary for BLUE to win (both required):
-Amount of ground targets to be destroyed = amount of striker pilots, multiplied by 4;
-Minimum 2/3 of striker pilots should make it home alive by the end of mandatory;
-Conditions necessary for RED to win (at least one required):
-Minimum 1/3 of striker casualties;
-Failure of BLUE side to destroy ground targets above minimum threshold;